200 pcs Helix Pomatia live land snails

Snails size - large (from 1" to 1.5") shell diameter

All our snails are healthy and ready for breeding  for snail farming business

Snail farm (Heliciculture) starter kit

  • Breeding (farming) snails is an extremely profitable business idea!

    What do you need to start your own snails' business? You will be surprised because you need two things only!

    1) $800 is for initial investment. This amount includes:

    - $550 is to purchase and deliver 100 snails.

    - $250 is to purchase and manufacture a shelter for snails (wooden boxes, a mesh, wire and nails).

    2) A free land with a suitable soil and a sufficient quantity of water.

    It is important for you to know! It is necessary to have minimum of 24 square yards area for 100 snails.

    One person is enough to start up and work in the snails’ farm with an area of one acre.

    Income sources of the snails’ farm:

    1) A sale of snails as pets is at the price ranging from $8 to $10 for each one snail.

    2) A sale of snails’ meat in restaurants and supermarkets as a French cuisine delicacy (a dish "Escargot") is at the price of $70 to $120 per one kilogram.

    3) Your farm will attract the attention of tourists from all the United States of America who want to visit it (ticket’s price is about $5 - $10) Moreover, you can open a small restaurant in your farm and cook  the Escargot  dish for your tourists at the price of at least $25 per one portion (5 snails).

    An approximate income calculation of the snails’ farm:

    One snail lays 40-60 eggs per one year. In 2 years one mature snail (capable for reproduction) grows from one egg. Its size can be about 1 inch.

    So, if you invest $800 in 100 snails you will receive at least 8,000 snails in two years.  As a result you can make an income of approximately $6400 to $8000 in two years! And you will become a millionaire-farmer in 5 years after a startup of your business whose income will be at least $2.700 000!

    Let’s start your own snails’ business right now! And you will receive two volumes of the “Farming snails” electronic book as a present, free of charge!