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The snail temperature and humidity range are critical for their health, and our gauge makes monitoring effortless. Introducing the "SnailWell" humidity and temperature gauge: your pet snails' new best friend. Tailored for land snail enthusiasts, it precisely monitors garden snail humidity, ensuring your pets are happy and hydrated. 



  • Smart Wireless (WiFi) Sensor
  • Compatible with iOS (iPhone) or Android (Samsung, Google Pixel, Xiaomi, Motorola, etc)
  • Real-time perception of temperature and humidity changes
  • SMS reminder when the temperature is too low
  • Battery type: 2*AAA (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Working temperature: -10℃~+50℃

  • Working humidity: maximum 95%RH

  • The sensor dimensions: height - 70mm, length - 24 mm, width - 19 mm

  • Can be used with Alexa and Google Home


This device effortlessly tracks the garden snail temperature range, creating a perfect habitat. Wonder what temperature is good for snails? Our gauge answers, maintaining the ideal snail environment. Yes, snails love humidity, and our device ensures they get just the right amount.  Battery-powered for convenience, it's designed for any snail habitat. 


Equip your snail's home with this gauge and watch them thrive in their optimally balanced environment.

Humidity & Temperature Gauge for Pet Snails "SnailWell"

SKU: temperature-humidity-sensor
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