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Achatina , also known as the Giant African land snail is a species of large, edible, air-breathing land snail.

The average size of the snail is about 80 mm or 3 inch. The average weight of the snail is about 85 grams. Those snails are adult and ready for breeding. 


Why are snails the best pets?

  • It is easy to care for pets

  • Great pets for kids or family

  • No noise and harsh movements

  • Low cost keeping

  • Non allergic pets

Giant African Land Snail Achatina

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  • Achatina achatina, common name the African giant snail, also known as the giant tiger land snail and gigantocochlea, is a species of very large, air-breathing land snail, a terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusk in the family Achatinidae. The name "Achatina" is from "achates", Greek for agate

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