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$50 Gift Certificate | Digital or Physical Delivery

$50 Gift Certificate | Digital or Physical Delivery

Surprise and delight with the perfect, unique gift – a $50 gift certificate from My Happy Snails company! Ideal for friends, girlfriends, kids, and family members curious about the fascinating world of snails. 

This thoughtful present opens up a universe of possibilities: from charming land snails to nutritious snail food, elegant terrariums, high-quality substrates, and many other cool things for land snails. It's more than a gift; it's an exciting gateway to a new hobby, offering everything needed for the care and joy of land snails. Make your loved one's day extraordinary with this creative and inspiring gift choice!
  • Once you provide a payment, we'll send (in less than 24 hours)  an electronic gift certificate and a manual about how to place an order.  
  • Also, if you want to surprise somebody with a physical certificate, we'll send it via the USPS priority airmail to an address you give me. 


Please Note! Physical delivery usually takes about 7-21 business days. 
  • Shipping From Location:

    • Live Snails. For American buyers we ship the snails we have for sale from different US addresses (it depends on the species you choose). Most of the species we have for sale on our website we ship from California state. For European buyers, we ship our snails from Poland or the Czech Republic. If you live in Canada, Australia, Japan, China, or any other world country, contact us, please.  

    • Other stuff for pet snails. Food for land snails, organic calcium sticks, land snail substrate, Sphagnum moss, first aid kit for land snails, humidity & temperature gauge for pet snails, terrariums, terrarium kits, and gift certificates we ship from Ukraine. BUT if you live in the USA, contact us, please, because some of the products we have in stock in the USA (in Amazon warehouses).    

    Shipping Methods:

    We offer standard (tracking number provided) and expedited shipping options to meet your needs. We ship our products worldwide via standard shipping and it's free! Expedited shipping costs are calculated based on weight, distance, and shipping speed (contact us, please, before you place your order).

    Delivery Times: Our standard delivery time ranges depending on the country where you are located and the product you ordered. For American buyers who ordered live snails the estimated delivery time takes about 2-5 business days (it depends on your location and snail species you want to buy). For American buyers who ordered other stuff for snail (if we don't have them in Amazon's warehouses), delivery time usually takes about 10-21 business days.

    For non-Amercian buyers (rest of the world) delivery usually takes from 10 to 21 business days (depending on the destination). Expedited shipping delivery time depends on the destination and it's much faster (from 1 to 5 business days) than standard delivery (for expedited shipping - contact us, please, before you place your order).

    Tracking Your Order: Once your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number via email to monitor your shipment’s progress.

    • For standard delivery tracking service for American buyers click here 

    • For International tracking service click here 

    Contact Us: For any inquiries related to your order's shipping and delivery, please contact our support team at

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