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Surprise and delight with the perfect, unique gift – a $50 gift certificate from My Happy Snails company! Ideal for friends, girlfriends, kids, and family members curious about the fascinating world of snails. 

This thoughtful present opens up a universe of possibilities: from charming land snails to nutritious snail food, elegant terrariums, high-quality substrates, and many other cool things for land snails. It's more than a gift; it's an exciting gateway to a new hobby, offering everything needed for the care and joy of land snails. Make your loved one's day extraordinary with this creative and inspiring gift choice!
  • Once you provide a payment, we'll send (in less than 24 hours)  an electronic gift certificate and a manual about how to place an order.  
  • Also, if you want to surprise somebody with a physical certificate, we'll send it via the USPS priority airmail to an address you give me. 


Please Note! Physical delivery usually takes about 7-21 business days. 

$50 Gift Certificate | Digital or Physical Delivery

SKU: digital-certificate-50
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